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Sunday, 27 October 2013

How to Choose a Birthday Return gifts for kids?

Deciding the Theme of Your Birthday Party is easy but Searching For Birthday Return gifts can be a Difficult task, Here in this Article we will look at some of the best Birthday Return Gifts Ideas for Kids in affordable range.I Will Suggest you Some Cool Gifting Ideas which you can pass on to your guest as a birthday party favor when they visit your party as a Thank you gesture.A good Birthday Return gift always makes a pleasurable experience to your guest, they will remember your birthday party for a very long time.

Without Wasting any time or words i will start with the Main Topic Right away.How to Choose or pick up the best and unique Birthday Return Gifts For Kids so that they can enjoy it, love it, remember it for a long period of time, not only return gift but also your Birthday Party.

It's always been a tedious task when it comes to deciding for Birthday Return gifts, we never want to repeat the stuff neither we want the same stuff which has been already distributed by our friends or our relatives in the previous parties which we have attended, each and every time we wants something new, as its a famous saying, Humans wants and wishes are endless, if we have got Average next time we want Good, if we achieve that Good then we will crave for Excellent and even after we reach to Excellent we will be craving for something more better or higher.

What You Should Keep in Mind before Deciding for a Birthday Return Gifts:

  •     Budget- Deciding on a Budget is one of the most important factor when you are planning to buy a birthday return gift, because the Product which you choose will be depend upon the Amount you wanted to spend, its not necessary that the higher the amount means better product but It's a fact that More you want to spend better are the chances of finding the perfect and unique birthday return gifts for kids, so initially decide on the money which you want to spend in buying Birthday party favors, once you have decided the budget, it will become easier for you to browse and buy the best Return gifts.

  • Age Group- One of the main factor which make you confused about choosing a perfect birthday return gifts which can be fit to each and every guest of your party,you can either buy return gifts separately for different age groups or you can buy something which can be pass on to each and every guest of yours, most of the people goes for the second option as it is more easy to implement and apply at the time of distribution of birthday return gifts among the invitees, but there are not much options when one have to decide for a universal gift which can be given to both boys and girls and to all the ages. 
  • Fun, Learn,Decorate or Utility- Next comes the question whether you want to buy something which is useful or something which kids can enjoy or something which they can decorate in their rooms. If the kids of your party are smaller they will prefer something which fascinates them like some toys or games, you can go for something useful like stationary and stuff to bigger kids or buy something decorative which they can install on their room walls or windows or something they can put on their desk or tables.

Now We have decided what kind of birthday return gifts we want to give at what range and to what age-group,I will now provide you a list of some of the products which you can pass on to your guests.
  • Fancy Wall Clocks or Table Clocks- Wall clocks have always been a preferred choice when choosing a return gifts, it's an ideal return gift and can be given to almost everyone without grouping the age-Wall Clock can be categorize in different sizes and shapes, there are plenty of colorful or sober designs to choose from, there are lots of price options you can decide according to your budget, you will find clocks or watches as cheap as Rs50.

  • Toys and Games- Kids just love them, but products which comes under this category can be given only to smaller kids, bigger kids won't enjoy toys or games anymore, as they says " I am not Kid-don't teach me". Toys and games comes in huge variety and there's no budget limit, you have a luxury of choosing Toys or games from huge range, there are multiple online portal where you can browse through various kind of toys and games for kids.
    • Block have always been in the business of gifting since the human evolution,at the beginning of human race kids used to play with blocks of stones and rocks now the world have evolve and you can buy Blocks in Colors, shapes and sizes, you can choose from the tremendous range of online stores.

Designer Toys comes in various characters,Which your kids will love for sure, you can buy the robots,animals of plastics or acrylic,there is huge range to select from, vibrant and vivid colors of these astonishing toys will make your kids crave for more,with each day there's a new toy, browse through online portals and choose the best one which you can pass on to your guests of the party
All the Kids Love Cute and Cuddly Soft Toys, not only kids but they are loved by even adults,mostly small kids prefer soft toys as a gift, these toys are made of stuff clothes,sponge,foam,foam balls etc.It makes a sense to Return the favor to the kids of your party by presenting soft toys.There is a bundle of choice, you can buy a soft toy as low as Rs50 and can spend 1000+ according to your budget or pocket size.

  • Photo Frames-There's no dearth in variety to choose from when it comes to selecting Photo Frames for kids as a Birthday Return gifts, with time and on Photo frames have evolved for a better and attractive look,When you think about photo frames don't just think of the same old glass frame or frame with wooden borders instead there's an immense range to Choose from with all the colors and unconventional designing Photo frames have become a great option for Birthday Return Gifts.



    Photo Frames comes in various,avatars,designs,colors,patterns,materials,look to choose from, they are evergreen and ever new, if you properly and with a Good Heart :p browse through the multiple online stores or the Markets or By Lanes of Your City i am sure that you will find a hell lot of variety in Frames with new designs and Patterns,Price range of Photo frames differs widely, you can get the cheap one and if you want can spend on a expensive one.
  • Art and Craft Products- Art and Craft articles are a new FAD these days,you can buy some creative products as a birthday return gifts, something which kids will love to enjoy, these kind of products showcase their inner hidden talent, let the kids explore their creative side with the range of art and craft articles.

To be Creative is an Art and it shows your capability of doing certain things, your skills and interest, there are hundreds of Art and Craft Articles and Projects to buy for the kids of your birthday party, you can choose from the immense range, Creative Magnets, Play Dough, Finger Paints,Designer Jeweler,Nail Decor,Creative Puzzles,Sand Art,Balloon Decor and many more.

  • Jewel Boxes:

Jewel Boxes can be a great birthday return gift for girls, it can be given to teenager girls , they will love to have one, jewel boxes comes in various designs , shapes and colors, there are lots of varieties which suits all budgets.Jewel boxes can be of any material, they ought to be colorful and appealing in nature to fascinate the girls, though jewel boxes can only be given to girls as a birthday return gifts but they make a great present.

You can buy above Jewel Boxes here-

Disney Theme Products as a Birthday Return Gifts
 If You still believes in Disney and your kids Enjoy the characters of Disney like Mickey Mouse, Dora, Minnie Mouse, Donal Duck , Goofy , Pluto, Barbie, Rapunzel, Princess then there is an immense range of birthday return gifts in Disney Theme, though they charge a bit higher from the other gifting stuff because of the Brand image but then a Good Brand Costs you and that is quiet understandable, here i will bring you the some of the products in Disney theme which you can present to your Invitees as a Birthday return Gifts. can Also Plan the theme of Your party with some characters of Disney, let's roll out and talk about the some of the Disney Characters and Products which you may choose when deciding about the Theme of your Birthday Party.

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Return gifts:These Disney characters are one of the oldest and most favorite of all not only among Kids but even Adults love them as they have grown up watching their cartoons, You can Plan a Mickey and Minnie Birthday theme party and without doubt everyone will love that, there are unlimited range of items/products/articles comes with the character of Mickey and Minnie either carved out, designed or printed with these characters, you can choose from stationary to gifting from books to toys, the list is endless.
Some of the Birthday return gifts ideas in mickey and mini theme party.

This pack of Mickey Mouse and Friends Colorful markers are made of Good quality Plastic and LTR verified Ink which lasts long, Mickey and Friends Marker set includes 8 different colors of Broad Markers to Write or Color your imagination, these colors are packed beautifully in a smart looking pack with a handle at top to carry.

 Buy this Metal/Tin money bank which is printed on all the sides with the design of Mickey-Donald-Miinie Mouse and Pluto,Beautifully crafted money bank which is designed to appeal the children, it's lock has been branded with bright red M and printed in Vibrant Colors, a great Tin/Metal Case to keep your Cash Safe.

There are tons and tons of products you can find in Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme which i will be sharing later.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sunny The Flower Craft Stickers|Activity and Craft Sticker for Kids |

Sunny The Flower Craft Stickers|Activity and Craft Sticker for Kids |

Great Pack of Stickers for Creating Craft Work, can be use to Create Greeting Cards, Name plates, Tissue box and many more items, a great gift to be pass on to the Kids of your party ,they will just love the color and designs of these stickers.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Fancy Pencil Holder as a Birthday Return gifts for kids.

Confused about the Perfect Return gifts to distribute among your invitees in your Kids Birthday party or any other Occasion like Navratri,Christmas party, Eid etc???
It's hard to zero on a single product when there are lot to choose from specially if you are browsing online where you can browse and view unlimited variety of products which you can pass onto your guests,The product has to be out of this world and at the same time economical and in your budget.

Common Confusing Points when Choosing a Birthday Return gifts.
  • It Has to be Perfect in all Sense
  • It has to be Economical and Worthy
  • It has to be either unisex or for Boys and Girls Separately.
  • It has to be according to the Age-Group of the Kids.

Here what I suggest you to Go for a Return gifts which you can present to Boys and Girls alike and can be given to most of the age-group.One such kind of Birthday Return gift idea is :

Pencil Holders

Attaching herewith some of the images of Products available at Returngiftwala.